The Home Seller's Guide

When it’s time to pull up roots and replant yourself in new surroundings, you must first consider the sale of your current home. The task can feel daunting for first-time sellers, but with a savvy approach and the right real estate professional to help, there can be a ‘SOLD’ sign on your front lawn before you know it

Topics Covered

Real Estate Agent

You’ll want to find an professional agent who has recent experience in your area and will know how to market your house locally.

Pricing Your Home

Setting the right price for your property is a delicate balancing act. Aim too high and your home might sit on the market for months


The reality is that most negotiations proceed without much difficulty. In the event that there are obstacles, your agent will be your strongest ally and best resource for solutions.


If you and your buyer have both efficiently taken care of your respective contractual obligations associated with finalizing the sale, the process of completing the transaction will go smoothly with no surprises.

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