Why List With Us

An Unmatched Marketing Strategy

  • • More than 600 homes sold in 2019
  • • The EXCLUSIVE South Florida Broker to Zillow, the #1 Real Estate Site in the US!
  • • $60,000+ per month in marketing
  • • $5,000+ per month in photography
  • • $40,000+ per month for online advertising to attract buyers
  • • $25,000+ per month on TV and Radio advertising.
  • • Our combination of unique marketing to local, national, and international buyers has resulted in some
  • • Sales as high as 20% over the market value.

International Advertising to Over 200 Websites Around the World. Nothing beats exposure more than the internet, and we pay top dollar to get your home on not only the major sites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com, but also on WorldProperties.com and many others in China, Venezuela, Brazil, Russia and more.

Professional Photography. First impressions count, and there is no better way to get more people looking at your home than beautiful photography. This is standard on all our properties.

Aerial Photography and Video. To get a true picture of your property and the neighborhood and view, nothing is better than aerial photography. Make your home stand out above the competition.

Walking Video of your Property. Less than 1 percent of agents do this. Even with all the internet offers, most buyers will eliminate a prospective property if they cannot get a feel for the layout. Therefore, it is critical that they see how it really looks, just like they would if they were walking through it. Walking Videos have been proven to lead to more showings, and more offers.

Marketing your home like a professional developer. If some rooms are empty, have an unusual shape, are small, and buyers cannot quite envision how to use it, then our world class marketing department can stage it virtually. We can also change the color of the walls, types of flooring, kitchen cabinets and countertops, so that buyers can really see how it will look based on their preference.

Our Full Service Concierge Team

Weekly and Monthly Updates. Over 72% of home sellers say they would never use the same agent again. And the #1 reason is “as soon as my house was listed, I never heard from my agent again.” We are different:

Every Month you will get a monthly marketing report so that you can see all the results of our marketing and always know what is going on.

No More Unqualified Buyers. We require all potential buyers to be pre-approved by our in-house lenders, First Coast Financial. Whether the potential buyer is paying cash or financing, and no matter which lender they choose to use, our team at First Coast Financial verifies each potential buyer’s ability to close before.

Special Events That Actually Get Traffic. Are you used to open houses that only get two neighbors to show up and no buyers? Our system is different. We cross market with vendors who also invite their clients who have the buying power to buy your home. We typically hold 10-15 open houses every week with our expert open house team.

ON DEMAND Showings. With most other agents, when buyers want to see a home, it always had to be based on the listing agent’s schedule. If they are already on another appointment, your house does not get shown at that time. But we do it differently. We have a team of showing specialists, on call seven days per week, to show your home whenever the buyer is available (during the hours you say are ok), Never lose another showing to a potential buyer again.

Guaranteed Sale Program. This is the ultimate in accountability, and no other agent will put their own money on the line like we will. All price ranges qualify, but not all homes do, so call us for more information if you want a realtor that is accountable and guarantees your home will be sold.

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